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The Many Layers of Colloidals

Gold - Silver - Copper and Zinc

Finally at the turn of the 19th century England's practical scientist and leading experimenter in electricity and magnetism, created the first truly microscopic colloidal gold, whose charged, almost nano partcicles of gold are still active today in London's National Science Museum after nearly 200 years. This discovery led the way to the truly amazing safe and non-toxic way to create what the early alchemists were trying to achieve - CREATE A METHOD FOR US TO TAKE A FORM OF LIQUID GOLD.   

in 1985 Dr Robert Becker discovered the benefits of using electrical charged silver to safely heal, revitalize, and protect the human body against illness and disease.

For more detailed information to help you relieve stress, increase your IQ, heal and or get rid of that hard to heal condition. Accelerate healing,  muscles and joints, arthritis, heart rhythm, blood circulation, and much much more, including skin revitaization and collagen.....


In 1974 A small group of dedicated holistic alchemststs started a journey to create the smallest and tiniest  thus most effective charged particles of silver, gold, copper and zinc.

After 41 years this group is now called Alchemists Workshop and are the leading pioneers in the use of colloidals solutions for health and beauty with special skincare creams, all organic 100% natural.

The uses of pure and unadulterated precious and primal metals throughout pr-history and up throughout the ages, has been an amazing and uninterupted story of  curiousity, research and spiritual and alchemedical discovery.

The search to create The Elixir of Life  by the early alchemists, goes back to who was considered the first alchemist of pre and modern history; that being Mirriam, sister of Moses, who discovered a way to create a form of acid for melting metals and more.

From there we follow ancient China, Egypt of the Pharoes, Cleopatra and Nefertiti who together with Queenof Sheba, used a form of colloidal gold and silver to create beauty and skin treatments.  ALexandra the Great used silver to treat an arm which had been severely cut in battle, and used the silver to stop gangerene and accelerate the arm's healing back to normal.